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TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THE CODEXCEl TRAINING, YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION form and payment of the $125 course and material fee.


upon SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION OR ATTENDING A CODEXCEL EVENT, you hereby grant permission to VICTORY VILLAGE CORP AND ITS PARTNERS to use photographs and/or video of THE APPLICANT, THEIR INVITEES, FAMILY, FRIENDS, OR PARTICIPANTS taken on ALL DATES IN 2022-2024 at ALL LOCATIONS in publications, news releases, online, and in other communications related to the mission of VICTORY VILLAGE CORP. Thank you!

  • CODEXCEL PREP, PLUS, and builder Courses (FOR GRADES 7 - 11)​

  • associate tech Instructors and industry apprentices (FOR GRADE 12)

  • mentor, volunteer, or trainer

Extracurricular Activities (for scheduling purposes)

Thanks for submitting!

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